Quality and Environmental Policy

SDOS provides technological services spanning the entire IT sector. We harness the very latest breakthroughs and turn them into added value to help businesses become more competitive.

We use our Quality and Environmental Policy as a tool to guide our Integrated Management System towards enhanced performance, and also as a framework to define our objectives according to each given scenario.

The purpose of this policy is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction and environmental protection. With this in mind, we have defined the following principles:

  • To ensure full customer satisfaction, offering quality services with efficient technical assistance, uninterrupted customer care, deadline compliance and instant response to any claims.
  • To implement an Ongoing Training Plan that will keep our team up-to-date with their profession, the company and its outlook, as well as encouraging them to be more multi-faceted. This helps to lessen risks and increases the likelihood of achieving our goals while reducing the chances of negative results. Essentially, the idea is to give them tools they can use to minimise risks and produce top quality work..
  • To complete each and every project in compliance with the requirements set by our customers and with the requirements stemming from the rules and regulations that apply to our business, especially in environmental terms.
  • To strive for constant betterment and to prevent or at least minimise environmental contamination. This is our promise and the core of our corporate philosophy, aiming to comply with environmental goals.
  • To support the clear and irrevocable commitment undertaken by our Management to implement and uphold the Integrated Management System.
  • To provide tailored customer care guided by these clear objectives so as to meet their needs and expectations and ensure high satisfaction levels.
  • To follow a risk-based approach, drawing on the preventative nature and efficacy of our Quality and Environmental Management System.
  • To use resources in a sustainable manner in an effort to slow climate change and protect wildlife and its ecosystems.


The SDOS policy is constantly changing and evolving with the company. We revisit it on a regular basis to keep it updated. It is always clearly available for the whole team to see and we make sure it is fully understood by everyone at every level.


Sevilla, 10 February 2018