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We are a team! Over the last 10 years we have experienced plenty of changes, but we have never lost our will to create technology for the senses and enjoy what we do.

The reason we can do this is that we are lucky enough to have a team of wonderful people who are passionate about their job and eager to better themselves every day. They are the ones who turn our challenges into achievements.

We are keen to keep on growing and welcoming new people - not pre-defined profiles - who stand out for their proactive attitude, engagement and perseverance. We want people who share our philosophy regardless of which office or department they are joining or how experienced they are.

Come and meet us!
The atmosphere is great

Laughter and memes are always guaranteed. We take care of our offices so that you feel at home.

You get to work on cutting‑edge projects

Our clients include leading businesses and multinationals in the retail sector, media, fashion and other fields.


We apply a training plan to improve our team's technical capabilities, make them better qualified and teach them new methodologies, processes and languages.


We have a department that organises activities and fun to make sure everyone enjoys working and celebrate our success together.

Flexibility and a healthy work-life balance

We get 180 afternoons off a year. That's right! We work shorter hours three days of the week. After all, work isn't everything in life.

Current openings

Data Scientist

Al menos 3 años


  • Grado en Ingeniería Informática o Grado en Matemáticas
  • Máster relacionado con Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning
  • Dominio del inglés


  • Experiencia en lenguajes de programación Python o Scala
  • Experiencia en ecosistemas Big Data (Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, Hive, Impala, Kudu, HBase y ElasticSearch)
  • Experiencia en implementación de procesos de adquisición de datos (Talend, Apache Nifi, Flume)
  • Habilidad a la hora de explorar, manipular e interpretar los datos
  • Amplio conocimiento sobre técnicas y algoritmos de Machine Learning
  • Experiencia con tratamiento con datos de gran volumen


  • Diseño de interfaces de acceso a datos (dashboards)
  • Experiencia en Sistemas de Información Geográfica (GIS)
  • Conocimiento de paradigmas avanzados de redes neuronales (Deep Learning)
  • Experiencia con diversos frameworks Big Data
  • Experiencia en otros campos de IA como NLP/NLU o Computer Vision
  • Experiencia con técnicas de Análisis de Grafo